Uponor Underfloor Heating Spares

Uponor Underfloor Heating Spares -  Keep Your System Running SmoothlyNeed replacement parts. Underfloor Store is your one-stop shop for genuine Uponor spares. We stock a wide range of components to keep your system running efficiently and comfortably

Uponor underfloor heating  Spares we offer:

Manifold Spares: Valves, flow meters, actuators, and more to keep your manifold in top condition.

UNIset Spares: Components for your UNIset control system, ensuring precise temperature regulation.

Velta Compact Spares: Replacements for pumps, mixing valves, and other key parts of your Velta Compact system.

Vario Plus Spares: Maintain your Vario Plus system with genuine spare parts.

Why Choose Uponor Spares from Underfloor Store?

Genuine Uponor Quality: Ensure optimal performance and longevity for your system.Wide Selection: Find the exact part you need to get your UFH back on track.Expert Advice: Not sure which part you need? Our team can help! Fast UK Delivery: Get your spares quickly and easily. About UponorUponor is a trusted leader in plumbing and heating solutions. They provide complete underfloor heating systems, from pipes and manifolds to controls, along with all the fittings and tools you need for installation. Need Spares from Other Brands? We also stock a wide range of underfloor heating spares from other leading brands. Explore our full selection to find everything you need for your project!