Underfloor Store sell a wide range of thermostats to suit every budget. Whether you are looking to replace your current thermostat or choose from top names such as Nest, Heatmiser and DEVI to add to your underfloor heating kit

Our range includes the Nest Learning Thermostat, Neo Kits from Heatmiser and DEVIreg from DEVI. You will also find a range of accessories from Nest and Heatmiser. 

Electronic Dial Thermostats . For use with water or electric heating where the need for programming of individual zones is not necessary.

WiFi and Smart Thermostats These offer complete control over your heating no matter where you are from a connected smartphone or tablet. Whether you have electric or wet underfloor heating or simply wish to replace your current thermostat these offer a new way to keep in control.

Touchscreen Thermostats can be used with either electric or wet underfloor heating. They offer an easier way to programme you heating system.

Wireless Thermostats  As the name suggests they are wireless and as such do not have the need to run any cables.

Programmable Thermostats are the ideal way to help keep your heating bills under control. They offer 7 day programming and can be used with electric or wet underfloor heating.

Time Clocks allow you to keep your water heating to just the right temperature when you need it.

Post Created : 20/04/2016
Last Updated : 10/07/2018