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Is Underfloor Heating Expensive to Run?

Underfloor heating does not have to be costly and can prove to be less expensive than a traditional gas system with radiators. However, you have to bear in mind the initial set up cost of your underfloor heating system. If you need any further advice, feel free to get in touch with Underfloor Store who are more than happy to help you calculate the cost and work out if an underfloor heating solution is right for you. You can call us on 03301 232231 or fill in our online contact form.

How to Calculate the cost:

An Example

This example is for approximate guidance only, contact Underfloor Store today and we will help you calculate the savings you could receive, if possible, if you switch to an underfloor heating system. This example assumes:

·         The average cost of 14.33p per unit for electricity. The unit is kWh

·         The average cost of 3.63p per unit of gas.

·         You’re underfloor heating system was on for 7.5 hours in a day.

·         The room you are heating is 20.30m2

·         You are using mats that are 1m2

Here at Underfloor Store, we stock mats between 100W – 160W.

So, as there are a thousand KW to a W we can assume that 0.1KW – 0.16KW which ranges from 1.43p – 2.29p per metre squared.

For a large living room of 20.30m2 this would range in energy cost, as an example for 7.5 hours of heating time would range between 28.60p – 46.49p for 20.30m2 and for 7.5 hours a day, 214.50p – 348.66p for a month 6477.90p – 10529.53p.  (£64.78 - £105.30)

This compares with a radiator which on average pumps out 1.5KW of energy at 5.445p per metre squared.


With underfloor heating systems you can use the right controls and maintain temperature levels where required. Here at Underfloor Store we can best advise you on the thermostats that can be used with your existing system or new system you are looking for.

Contact Underfloor Store

Contact underfloor store if you would like further information on an underfloor heating system for your property. Get in touch via phone on 03301 232231 or through our online form.



Post Created : 17/02/2020
Last Updated : 30/06/2021