Heatmiser neoPlug - More than just a plug

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Perfect addition to your Home

  • It may just look like a plug but this plug is a little different. Our smartphones come in handy for various tasks......check the scores, see what the weather has planned for the weekend and more and more people are controlling various aspects of their home right from their smartphone.

    If you're controlling your heating via the
    Heatmiser neoKit range the neoPlug is the perfect addition to your connected home. 

  • Benefits of the Heatmiser NeoPlug

  • At a glance the neoPlug allows you to:

    With the neoPlug you can time your appliances to turn on or you can use the manually control in the neoApp.

    The neoPlug becomes part of the Neo System, automatically routing data around your home. In addition, it serves as a repeater helping to extend the communication range of other Neo devices.

    The neoPlug is perfect for controlling lights from the neoApp.

    The neoPlug can be configured to turn on via a Geo Location trigger (iOS Only)

    So with the neoPlug you can control lighting or anything that has a plug attached right from the neoApp wherever you are. It's a great addition to the neoStat and neoKit range all of which you'll find on our website.

Post Created : 20/04/2016
Last Updated : 10/07/2018