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Heatmiser neoPlug - More than just a plug

Heatmiser NeoPlug Back

Your smart phone is an amazing piece of kit. You can use it to check how your sports team has fared, whether today is a good day for a BBQ and now you can even control different aspects of your home via your phone. The Heatmiser neoPlug allows you to turn your home into a smart home.

If you’re already controlling your heating via the Heatmiser neoKit range then the neoPlug is the perfect addition to your connected home.


The Benefits of the Heatmiser neoPlug

The neoPlug is part of the Heatmiser neo kit range and is a great addition to a connected home. Via the neoApp, the neoPlug allows you to turn on appliances or set them on a timer. If you already have a neoSystem in place, then the Heatmiser neoPlug will automatically become a part of this system. The neo plug helps you to control:

  • Lights
  • Dishwasher
  • Washing Machine
  • Chargers

The Heatmiser neoPlug will also work as a repeater to extend the range of communication of other neo devices. It will add to the data already being routed around you home making your smart home even easier to control.


The Benefits of having a Smarter Home

Having a smart home is no longer something that is in the distant future, for many of us it is now a reality. The Heatmiser neoPlug is just one way in which your home can now be transform into a connected space that you can control with an app. If you forget to turn a light off upstairs you can simply use your phone to control the lights and turn it off without wasting energy. It can also be used to turn the kettle on before you are home so you can have a hot drink as soon as you arrive.

While some may perceive this as a way to facilitate laziness, for others having a connected home gives them independence. Having control of their environment from their smart phone means that the oven can be put on a timer so food is cooked at a reasonable time. Controlling lights without having to use the switch saves physical energy that can be used for more meaningful activities and of course it means less chance of disturbing comfortable sleeping babies.

Having a Heatmiser neo system can also help with saving energy, reducing bills and environmental impact. By using the neoApp you can control exactly when energy needs to be used in the house and limit the energy being used when it is not required. This can lower how much is being spent on fuel as wastage will reduce. This will also help reduce your homes carbon footprint as well.

Post Created : 20/04/2016
Last Updated : 30/06/2021