Uponor Vario B Manifold

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Uponor Vario B Manifold

Uponor underfloor heating manifolds are of a robust design with unique features ensuring they are suitable for the demanding role they play in distributing and controlling heating systems. Fully compatible with Uponor's water temperature and room control product ranges. Product Features
  • The Uponor 'TM' manifold includes a pair of chrome plated solid brass flow and return headers. Supplied pre-mounted on manifold brackets with fill and drain points. Flow header includes 'Topmeters' for balancing and viewing circuit flow rates, and the return header lockshield valves for individual circuit isolation. Primary connections are 1” BSP and loop connections are ¾” Eurocone. Designed specifically for use with underfloor heating systems. Thermal actuators & Eurocone compression adaptors are supplied separately to suit the underfloor heating pipe dimension.

Technical Specifications

Length - Depth - Height

2 Port

175mm - 80mm - 345mm

3 Port

225mm- 80mm - 345mm

4 Port

275mm - 80mm - 345mm

5 Port

325mm - 80mm - 345mm

6 Port

375mm - 80mm - 345mm

7 Port

425mm - 80mm - 345mm

8 Port

475mm - 80mm - 345mm

9 Port

525mm - 80mm - 345mm

10 Port

575mm - 80mm - 345mm

11 Port

625mm -80mm - 345mm

12 Port

675mm - 80mm - 345mm


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