Kanmor 260e Single Boiler Controller

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Kanmor 260e Single Boiler Controller

The Kanmor 260e replaces existing wiring centres in twin zone and mid position plans to improve the operation of the system, gain efficiency and increase overall comfort. The Kanmor 260e is easy to retrofit and boasts a number of energy saving features.

With your existing boiler, the weather compensation control monitors the outdoor temperature and automatically adjusts the boiler water temperature to match your heaing requirements.


Technical Specifications

Microprocessor PID controller. This is not a safety (limit) control.
Packaged weight
1450 g
170 H x 193 W x 72 D mm
Blue PC+ABS plastic, Nema type 1
CE approved
Ambient conditions
Indoor use only, 2 to 50°C, RH 92% Non-condensing up to 40°C
Power supply
230 V (ac) ±10% 50 Hz, 3000 VA max
Controller load
5 VA
NTC thermistor, 10k @ 25°C ± 0.2°C ß=3892
Zone valve
230 V (ac), 1 A each (terminals 8 & 12)

Size : Kanmor 260e Single Boiler Controller

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